How DO Those Migrant Caravans Get and Stay Organized?

As the country continues to struggle with the an influx of migrant asylum seekers and the system remains overtaxed to handle them all, reports of caravans forming to make the trek to the US keep making news.But how do these caravans form? Migrants are using social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp chat groups to share information and organize. Stef Kight, immigration reporter for Axios, joins us for how social media fuels migrant caravans.

Next, Johnson and Johnson is facing thousands of lawsuits with some wins and some losses from people alleging that using their Baby Powder products containing talc, gave them cancer or mesothelioma.According to a report from Reuters, which reviewed internal documents from Johnson and Johnson, when an arm of the WHO began classifying cosmetic talc such as Baby Powder as “possibly carcinogenic” and talc suppliers started including that information on its shipments, Johnson and Johnson was still looking for ways to sell it and they looked at two key groups of longtime users: minority and overweight women. Chris Kirkham, reporter for Reuters, joins us for more on their investigation.



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