Goodbye, Mike Golic--Thanks For The Entertainment

From InsideRadio today:

"Always a family man first, Mike Golic ended his 22-year run hosting mornings for ESPN Radio Friday morning, surrounded by family for the final hour of his program as he broadcast his last show from the basement of his home.

It was the final day of the “Golic and Wingo” show, which succeeded the long-running “Mike and Mike” show. Golic spoke about the end of his two-plus decade run in mornings with ESPN’s Sarah Spain earlier this week, saying in both instances – when Mike Greenberg left for ESPN TV and now the dissolution of “Golic and Wingo” – he was caught off guard. Holding back tears himself, Golic signed off of [his radio show] on Friday, July 31 saying “Thank you all.”'

While I never worked with Mike Golic, I did enjoy listening to him on both of the above shows on the iHeartRadio app, especially during football season when he could bring real expertise to the table. Mike, as far as my listening window, has always been a guy with a great sense of humor, an ability to laugh at himself, and be passionate about topics that mattered in sports, and other aspects of life. Sounds like a great guy, and I'll miss hearing him.

As far as the new ESPN Radio lineup, remember you can find ESPN Radio 24/7 on the free iHeartRadio app!

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