TMSG: 2-Year-Old In Foster Care For 700 Gets Virtual Adoption & Parade

2-year-old Isla had been in foster care for 700 days with a family in Jacksonville, Florida. The Moody family submitted paperwork to adopt Isla before the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. However, when the stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines hit, courts had to shut their doors.

Six weeks later they were surprised to hear that the courts were reopened and their adoption hearing was scheduled for just a week later. So Isla, her new parents and new siblings gathered for a Zoom adoption hearing on April 30th. That day, Isla officially became a Moody - the family she's been with since she was seven days old.

The family planned to do a party for Isla after social distancing restrictions were limited, but she knew the foster care community she was part of called 'Fostering Hope' really wanted to be part of the special day. The community members decorated their cars with balloons and banners and drove past the Moodys' house to congratulate Isla. Cayela Moody told CBS News,

"Because Evan (her husband) is in the military, we sadly do not have family close. So, the parade consisted of a lot of Fostering Hope members, other foster families we have walked alongside, and some of our church members as well," she continued.

Photo: Getty Images