Randoms-Restaurant on a Ferris Wheel, Best Time to Be Intimate, & More


  • National Dessert Day
  • National Emergency Nurse Day
  • National Stop Bullying Day


If you’re working from home, have you found that it’s now harder to relax at home? A new survey found that 25% of respondents say that when their home became their office, they had a harder time separating their work life from their home life, making it more difficult to just chill out. (SWNS)

How confident are you in your cooking skills? Seems a lot of people are very confident. In fact, 50% of people in a recent survey said they have a recipe so good that it could be served in a five-star restaurant. And 46% said their cooking skills were on par with professional chefs. (SWNS)

Speaking of dining …A restaurant group in San Diego wants to take COVID-safe dining to new heights … on a Ferris wheel. Yep, the group wants to build a 148-foot Ferris wheel that they say could safely accommodate as many as 288 people in 36 separate eight-passenger gondolas. “The views are amazing from the top of this wheel, and it’s a day and nighttime activity for locals, visitors, families, seniors and everyone in between. It’s also a very COVID-safe activity,” says David Cohn of the Cohn Restaurant Group. (Food & Wine)

Here's a good reason to get up early …A new study found that the best time to have sex is 7:30 in the morning. Seems if you get busy first thing in the morning – about 45 minutes after you wake up – you’ll have peak energy for your romp. And … it will make your day better because you’ll be happier and more relaxed. According to study authors, "The rush of endorphins sparked by sex lowers blood pressure and stress levels and makes us feel more upbeat for the rest of the day." (Best Life)

Time to start your holiday wish list …First it was Gucci’s $1,200 grass-stained jeans, and now Ralph Lauren is selling paint-splattered coveralls … for $800. Here’s how they’re described on the website: “Made from Japanese cotton satin with the reverse side facing out. Utility pockets. Allover paint splatters.” (Independent)