A woman in Flint, Michigan, is using social media to draw attention to a very special, hardworking Domino's deliveryman.

Ashley Schafer says she called in a late order around 11 p.m. and grew impatient as the minutes ticked by and she still didn't have her pizza. An hour later, she was about to call and have a fit on the phone when suddenly there was a knock on her door.

It was a manager from the store informing her that the deliveryman's car had broken down and he was concerned about him because he is deaf and was worried he wasn't getting the help he needed. He then left to find him and said he'd be right back.

Then 30 minutes later, she heard another knock at the door. It was the deliveryman, Ben, with her pizzas. He apologized and explained that his car had broken down. Ashley told him it was all right, tipped him, and thanked him for working so hard to deliver her pizza. She had no idea just how hard he had actually worked until she looked out the window and saw him walking all the way down the street.

It turns out that Ben's car had broken down a half-a-mile away and he wound up walking the pizzas all the way to her house. He then walked back to his car.

Ashley says she was stunned. She wrote on Facebook, "It might seem silly, but in a world that right now feels tumultuous and full of hate and in a city where itself and it's people are constantly put down, there was this bright light that was Ben. He went far above and beyond, caring more about getting me my stupid pizzas then staying at his car and waiting for help. It's more than pizza of course; it's an enormous understanding of responsibility, respect for self and another human being, and above all unsolicited kindness."  

Ashley has since set up a GoFundMe page to help Ben afford the repairs to his car or buy a new car. (Today)


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