MDOT Driving tips for icy roads

“MDOT crews have been working this weather event statewide, 24/7 for the past three days,” McGrath said. “Even though some roads are passable, we are asking the traveling public to remain off roads in counties with ice on roads and bridges and to travel only in case of emergencies to allow MDOT workers to do their job in the safest manner possible.”

If travel is necessary due to an emergency, safe driving techniques will assist to “survive your drive” during winter weather. MDOT offers these safe driving tips:

buckle up for safety;slow down, especially when driving in winter weather conditions

;allow more space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you;

brake early to allow plenty of time to stop;brake gently to avoid skidding and never slam on the brakes;

turn on lights to be more visible to other motorists;

do not use cruise control or overdrive on icy roads;

stay alert and look farther ahead in traffic than you normally do;

 and drive safely.

For questions about road conditions, call 866-521-MDOT (6368).


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