Variety Shares Article About Bobby Bones On American Idol

After two incredible appearances on American Idol as the top 24 contestants' mentor, Bobby Bones is getting lots of "street cred."

According to a new article out from Variety, ABC may be interested in getting into the "Bobby Bones business." In an expert from the article,

“Country music is a huge part of ABC’s DNA,” says Rob Mills, ABC’s SVP Alternative Series, Specials & Late, due largely to “our fantastic relationship with the CMA. Through that, Bobby is someone who has been on our radar for quite some time. He’s someone who people feel comfortable with whether you’re an everyday person or Luke Bryan. He is someone we’ve been looking for the perfect vehicle for.” Though he only filmed on the series for a few weeks, ”we are not having Bobby on and then sending him back to Nashville, “ Mills says. 

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