The message behind DRUNK GIRL

Chris Janson has really hit the mark with his song "Drunk Girl."

The song and its message are reaching across genres and starting conversations about a very important topic --especially in light of what's in the news today. 

He says he realized that his message was getting through when he met a non-country fan during a meet and greet at one of his shows. He tells Music Row magazine, “He said, ‘I’m not a country fan, but I am a fan of yours.’ He said he played the video for ‘Drunk Girl’ for his nephew’s fraternity. I thought it was so awesome. He said, ‘It’s changing opinions and changing minds and the way things are done,’ and that’s the exact reason we wrote it. It’s validation that it’s speaking to the hearts of the right people.”

"Drunk Girl" is up for Song and Video of the Year at the CMA Awards on November 14th. 



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