Itawamba Community College and the Tupelo Police Department will conduct a mock active shooter drill at the Itawamba Community College Belden Center (3200 Adams Farm Rd.) from 9 a.m.-noon, Jan. 18.

            “This will be a test of our emergency preparedness procedures,” said Dr. Brad Boggs, dean of students. “The normal operation of the facility will not be disrupted.”

            The event, which is only a training exercise, will take from 3-4 hours and will occur on the south side (Manufacturing Solutions conference area) of the Belden Center, Boggs said. “This will provide local law enforcement, emergency responders and the College an opportunity to work together in the event of an incident. We want to ensure that all members of the staff understand their responsibilities as we strengthen our effort to maintain a safe campus environment and that the public is aware that this is only a drill.”


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