Carrie Underwood Makes New Fitness Commitment: ‘I Love This Body’

Carrie Underwood is learning to find new appreciation for her post-baby body. The country superstar got honest in a new Instagram post, opening up about the difficulties she’s experienced “bouncing back” to her previous fitness routine after giving birth to second son Jacob Bryan in January.

“I’m going to be honest, ‘bouncing back’ after having Jacob has been much more difficult than after I had Isaiah and I’ve been pretty hard on myself lately,” Carrie says. “I go into the gym and I can’t run as fast or as far. I can’t lift as much weight or do as many reps as I could a year ago. I just want to feel like myself again...for my body to feel the way that I know it can.”

The “Love Wins” singers goes on to express a desire to take back her body and “start appreciating what [her] body CAN do and stop focusing on what it can’t.” “I promise to stop analyzing every angle and every curve and every pound and every meal,” she says. “I’m going to keep staying the path because it is a journey and as long as I’m always working towards my goals, one day I’ll reach them.” Carrie vows to take her new fitness promise “day by day” and to “smile at the girl in the mirror.” “I love this body and all it has done and will continue to do,” she says in closing.

In the photo, Carrie is wearing her own CALIA by Carrie fitness apparel line. She is set to launch her Cry Pretty Tour 360 on May 1 in Greensboro Coliseum.

Photo: Getty Images