MAYDAY: Terrifying Cruise Ordeal is Over


A Viking Sky cruise ship returned to a port in Norway Sunday after a terrifying ordeal on stormy seas which forced the evacuation of hundreds of passengers.

The Viking Sky was on a 12-day trip from Bergen, Norway to London when rough seas knocked out power to the engine and caused a near disaster as the ship listed and took on water. The cruise ship, which had 915 guests and 458 crew on board, sent out a distress call on Saturday. 

Helicopters were dispatched to the disabled ship and 479 passengers were airlifted to safety. The other 436 passengers and the crew remained on the ship as it returned to port. According to Viking, 20 people suffered injuries and are being treated at hospitals in Norway. One person is listed in critical condition. (USA Today)

Hot Takes:

  • There were 600 Americans on board the ship.
  • Many passengers captured the terrifying ordeal on video, showing the ship tilting and taking on water.
  • It's really incredible that no one was killed.
  • In some of the videos, the passengers seem unusually calm as they waited to be evacuated. 
  • A lot of people want to know why the ship sailed into a storm.


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