This Week's Weird News

President Trump talking UFOs, a pair of curious images from Mars, and an unlikely celebration for D.B Cooper were among the strange and unusual stories that popped up on our radar this week.

If the mysterious skyjacker D.B. Cooper is alive today, he may be beaming with pride thanks to news of a pair of upcoming events in Portland, Oregon that will be focused on his infamous caper. A boat tour this weekend will journey down the Columbia River, following the flight path of the airliner he skyjacked and stopping at a sandbar where some bundles of ransom money were found years after he pulled off the crime. Then, on Sunday night, collegiate summer baseball team, the Portland Pickles, will be holding a special 'D.B. Cooper Night' celebrating the strange case which has clearly become a prominent part of local folklore.

This past week saw a pair of major developments in a story we've been following over the past year: government interest in UFO reports from Navy pilots. The first bombshell dropped on Saturday morning, when ABC News released a clip from George Stephanopoulos' interview with President Trump in which the tantalizing topic was broached. In the exchange, the president indicated that he had been briefed on the matter, but expressed skepticism that these UFOs were of the alien variety. Later in the week, it was revealed that the issue has also caught the attention of Congress as three United States senators were reportedly briefed on the matter as well.

The proverbial catalog of cool and weird things spotted on Mars gained two new entries this week by way of images released from NASA. There was a breathtaking photo of a newly-formed crater that boasted an array of colors indicated the blast wave that was created when the sizeable impression was formed. On the more mystifying end of things, the space agency also posted a photo from the Mars Curiosity Rover that seemed to show a puzzling flash of light on the horizon that appeared for just a split second.

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