This Week's Weird News

A World War II bomb that suddenly exploded and left a huge crater in a German field, this year's winner of the World's Ugliest Dog award, and a crop circle flap unfolding in France were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

With the 2019 crop circle season now fully underway, one surprising development this year has been a genuine flap unfolding in France with curious designs seemingly appearing all over the place in the country. What began with two designs discovered at the start of the month has blossomed into six so far in just a few short weeks. Why, exactly, France has become the proverbial epicenter of the crop circle phenomenon this year is as mysterious as the enigmatic formations themselves, but it's a safe bet that we'll see more designs popping in the weeks and months to come.

Two odd-looking animals snagged a share of the spotlight this past week, beginning with a canine named Scamp the Tramp, who was crowned the World's Ugliest Dog for 2019 at the annual competition held at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. The unquestionably unique pooch's wild hair and bug eyes earned the animal top prize at the event which featured 18 other unsightly competitors. Later in the week, a video from Japan went viral thanks to its truly weird star: a crow that bore an eerie resemblance to a gorilla.

This past week featured a pair of strange stories involving, of all things, bombs. First, a town in Germany was rocked when an undetonated World War II bomb suddenly exploded in the middle of the night and shook the entire community out of their sleep. When daylight arrived, residents were astounded to see that the blast had created an enormous crater in a farmer's field. Meanwhile, here in America, a self-proclaimed alien contactee was arrested for allegedly building a bomb of his own in an attempt to get the attention of police to warn them about an imminent threat from the ornery ETs.

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