This Week's Weird News

A mysterious stone sculpture unearthed in North Carolina, a creepy piece of dashcam footage from Malaysia, and a dog that was snatched by a sinister seagull were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

Easily the weirdest story of the week came by way of England and concerned a woman's pet chihuahua that snatched by a seagull! According to his owner, the unfortunate animal, who is named Gizmo, was wandering around in her backyard when the bold bird swooped down, picked up the dog in its beak, and flew away out of sight. The fate of the poor pup remains uncertain at this time as a vigorous search has so far yielded no sign of the animal.

This past week saw two puzzling pieces of footage which seemingly showed decidedly different yet equally eerie 'figures' popped up on our radar. Out of Texas came a video from some fishermen who spotted what they thought was a dog drinking water at the side of the lake until it suddenly stood on two feet like a Bigfoot! A similarly creepy scene unfolded in some dashcam footage from Malaysia where the driver zipped past what looked to be a ghostly hitchhiker lingering near the middle of the road.

A pair of fantastic objects found in the ground wound up making news this past week. First, a mysterious stone sculpture of a face was unearthed on a farm in North Carolina. The two-foot-long piece left experts scratching their heads and appealing to the public for help in determining its origins. Meanwhile, a college student on a paleontology dig in North Dakota stumbled upon a more identifiable 'buried treasure' in the form of a massive 65-million-year-old Triceratops skull.

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