This Week's Weird News

A boy in India who had 256 extra teeth, a couple who encountered a gun-toting Sasquatch hunter at a campsite in Kentucky, and a foolhardy zoo patron in Kazakhstan who forced a giraffe to give him a ride were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

This past week saw a very weird incident in Kentucky that wound up making headlines around the world: a couple called 911 to report that a Bigfoot-hunting man was shooting a gun in the middle of the night at Mammoth Cave National Park. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the ill-advised Sasquatch search and it would seem that the legendary cryptid also managed to escape unscathed since nobody has come forward with claims of finally taking down the Bigfoot yet.

In what may have been the most astounding story of the past week, doctors in India removed a tumor from the mouth of a young boy and found that it contained a whopping 256 teeth! The excess chompers were so plentiful that it took a team of workers at the hospital three hours to count them all. Amazingly, although some of them were quite tiny, each tooth was fully formed with a crown, root, and enamel.

One of the wilder videos we've seen in quite some time appeared online this week by way of a zoo in Kazakhstan. In the outrageous footage, an allegedly drunk patron at the site can be seen scrambling over a fence at a giraffe enclosure and climbing atop one of the creatures for an ill-advised ride. Although the long-necked animals often appear quite docile, this particular giraffe was not too thrilled about the interloper, who managed to escape the situation unscathed.

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