This Week's Weird News

A real-life 'flying saucer' that was created in Romania, new developments surrounding the Shroud of Turin, and an outrageous house in California that was adorned with two massive emojis are among the strange and unusual stories to pop up on our radar this week.

A pair of iconic objects from the past popped up in the news this past week, beginning with the legendary Shroud of Turin, with its authenticity further plunged into uncertainty when a team of researchers cast significant doubt on a landmark 1988 radiocarbon dating test on the cloth which 'proved' that it was a medieval hoax. Meanwhile, over in Egypt, the famed gilded coffin of King Tutankhamun was removed from its tomb for the first time since its discovery nearly a century ago as part of an ambitious restoration project.

Human ingenuity was on full display this week by way of two stories showcasing fantastic inventions that have recently been developed. First, researchers in Japan unveiled a robotic tail designed for humans. The bizarre-looking augmentation, they say, can improve a person's balance and agility. Later in the week, a pair of engineers in Romania made headlines when they unveiled a genuine 'flying saucer' that actually works and very well could be the future of spaceflight thanks to its remarkable maneuverability.

In an example of the idiom 'truth is stranger than fiction,' a house in California wound up at the center of controversy this past week after its owner painted the building hot pink and adorned it with two massive emojis. If that were not weird enough, neighbors asserted that the garish sight was brought on by a community dispute with the homeowner over short term rentals and that the Pepto Bismol-colored building's taunting yellow faces were purposely painted on the house as an act of revenge.

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