This Week's Weird News

A man in England who unknowingly had his dentures lodged in his throat for over a week, a pair of ghost hunters that got into trouble with the law, and a prankster in Virginia who pulled off an elaborate stunt involving old television sets were among the strange and unusual stories to pop up on our radar this week.

This past week featured a pair of instances where the paranormal and police crossed paths in appropriately weird ways. First, some self-described ghost hunters in England were busted for breaking into the home of a man who had recently died because they heard rumors that the building was haunted and had to see it for themselves. Alas, the judge deemed their excuse for the misadventure to be "utterly ludicrous." Then, over in Thailand, a UFO group that believes they are in contact with ETs from Pluto had their meditation center raided by authorities looking to see if the expansive site had spilled over into a protected wildlife area.

With the start of the school year right around the corner, a pair of stories from two different American communities suggests that pranksters are out in full force during these waning days of summer. In Virginia, a committed prankster made worldwide headlines when they were filmed leaving old TV sets on the porches of dozens of homes in one particular neighborhood while also wearing a TV on their head! Meanwhile, in Missouri, a city has been gripped by a truly bizarre mystery in which some seemingly lighthearted individual has been leaving creepy dolls in prominent spots all over town.

In a story that would have been hard to believe had it not come from genuine doctors in England, a stunning medical miscue was revealed this week via a report which detailed how an elderly patient swallowed his dentures during surgery and wound up having them unknowingly lodged in his throat for eight days. The jaw-dropping saga saw the unfortunate patient complaining about terrible neck pain following a routine surgery. After initial treatments proved to be futile, doctors finally figured out what the problem was when they peered down his throat with a camera and spotted his dentures that had been lost days earlier.

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