This Week's Weird News

DNA testing aimed at unlocking a gruesome riddle in the Himalayas, a $10,000 bet over the Flat Earth theory that went wildly awry, and a rare glimpse of the Titanic sitting on the ocean floor were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

A pair of decidedly different stories from this past week saw DNA testing being used to try and solve mysteries which have perplexed humans for generations. In India, researchers examined the genetic material of ancient human remains found at the gruesome 'Skeleton Lake' in the Himalayas to get a better understanding of the hundreds of individuals who mysteriously perished there centuries ago under unknown circumstances. Meanwhile, it was announced that the results of an environmental DNA test of water samples from Loch Ness will be unveiled next month and it was hinted that there remains a plausible theory for the site's resident 'monster' that the study seemingly could not invalidate.

Titanic aficionados were provided a rare treat this week when divers shared breathtaking footage from the first dive to the wreckage of the doomed passenger liner in 14 years. The expedition, which took place earlier this month, saw experts explore the remains of the vessel using a sophisticated submersible manned craft that allowed them to capture the scene with state-of-the-art cameras and 3D scanning technology. Researchers were particularly amazed at how much the ship has deteriorated since it was last examined and mused that we may only be a few decades away from the Titanic vanishing for good.

For reasons which defy explanation, this past week seemed to be replete with stories that resided in the realm of the absurd beyond even our usual benchmark for the bizarre. There was an alleged death threat that arose out of a $10,000 bet over whether or not the Earth is flat. A concerned citizen in New Hampshire wrote to his local newspaper arguing that Bigfoot was behind a series of break-ins this summer. And a creepy doll depicting the villainous clown Pennywise somehow floated into the backyard of a New Jersey woman who promptly set the toy on fire in order to ward off any bad karma.

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