This Week's Weird News

A monkey mystery unfolding in Texas, a bizarre high strangeness account from New Mexico, and a pair of YouTubers who are in trouble with the law for 'storming' a restricted national security site were among the wildly weird stories to cross our desk this past week.

In what may be a preview of next Friday's top story, a pair of foolhardy YouTubers visiting America from the Netherlands were arrested for trespassing onto a restricted facility near Area 51. The two young men were caught having driven three miles into the Nevada National Security Site with several cameras and a drone. As you may have surmised by now, the misadventure was inspired by the 'Storm Area 51' craze and the fact that their vacation was going to end before the 'big day' on September 20th, so they apparently decided to get a jump on the 'festivities.'

This past week featured something of a tale of two mysteries with one seemingly being solved and another having just begun. First, a follow up to the viral video of a creature frolicking in the driveway of a Colorado woman appeared to find who could have been playing the role of the 'alien' that briefly captured the imagination of the world. Meanwhile, down in Texas, a monkey mystery gripped a small city where numerous residents reported seeing an out-of-place primate that has, so far, managed to elude authorities.

One of the weirder stories we've seen in quite some time popped up in the news this week when a pair of hunters in New Mexico claimed to have had a confounding encounter with what may have aliens and a perplexing UFO over Labor Day weekend. One of the men described seeing a pair of hooded figures atop a mountain while they were hunting for deer and these mysterious strangers vanished in seconds. The duo later spotted what they described as a massive white circus tent in the middle of the wilderness that also disappeared before their eyes.

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