This Week's Weird News

A mysterious Medieval shrine discovered in England, a dog that may have spotted a ghost, and a tree in Colombia that looked remarkably similar to Christ on the cross are among the strange, unusual, and enlightening stories to cross our desk this week.

While much of the world may be practicing social distancing, it would seem that the spirit world may not have gotten the memo as this past week saw a pair of possible apparitions caught on tape. In England, a woman's home security system filmed an eerie anomaly that she believes was a ghost walking down the road outside her house. Meanwhile, a man in Louisiana shared some spooky footage in which his dog appears to be disturbed by a shadow person lingering in his backyard.

Serving as yet another example of how there are secrets from the past sitting beneath our feet waiting to be discovered, a landslide in England allowed for just such a scenario to play out when it revealed a mysterious medieval shrine. The intriguing find was made by astounded railroad workers as they surveyed the damage from the event and spotted the unusual cavern carved into a hill. A subsequent analysis by an archaeologist determined that the cave was likely from the 14th century.

The coronavirus continued to find its way into the world of the weird this past week by way of several odd stories. In Colombia, a stir went through a village when it was noticed that a tree bore an uncanny resemblance to Jesus on the cross and residents broke quarantine to crowd around the wondrous sight. Over in India, tales of a mysterious entity knocking on doors at night caused a people to also disregard stay-at-home rules to hunt for the menace and, in the northern part of the country, the Himalayas were visible for the first time in 30 years thanks to a downturn in pollution due to the nationwide lockdown.

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