13 Puppy Pics To Celebrate Cody's Favorite Dog

One year ago, Cody Alan and his fiancé Trea Smith took to Instagram to announce that they had expanded their family and were the proud parents of a new puppy.

Enter: Teddy.

The 5-month-old energetic Golden Retriever pup who quickly stole our hearts and the spotlight, joining Cody in his zoom room to help conduct artist interviews, making his voice known on Cody's radio show and helping Cody and Trea get their daily steps in by requiring miles clocked before sunrise only to spend the rest of the day sleeping under Cody's feet.

Cody wouldn't have it any other way. Happy Anni-fur-sary!

Say cheers to these dog dads and this cute little family by browsing this "PAWFECT" photo gallery below. Remember to follow Cody and Trea on Instagram for puppy updates and more "ULTIMUTT" dog pics.

Photo Credit: CMT Radio.