Baby Box is Peeing On Mom & Dad, But Also Smiling & Starting To Stand

It's been almost 2 months since Lunchbox and his wife shared the first pictures of Baby Box. Since then Baby Box has been rapidly growing and sharing special moments in the Box household. 

We finally got another look at Baby Box and what he's been up to since he broke the Internet with adorable photos on August 29th. A special moment shared via Lunchbox's Instagram shows he has spent most of his time napping on dad and watching football... kind of. 

Today on the show (October 23) Lunchbox shared a Baby Box update so we can hear what the cute little guy is up to now. Apparently, a lot of what he likes to do is pee on mom and dad when getting his diapers changed. Aside from potty disasters, Baby Box is also starting to smile and put weight on his legs when his parents hold him up. 

Listen to the full Baby Box update below!

Lunchbox's Latest Baby Box Update

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