TMSG: UK Teen Suffered Seizure During Game, Other Player In Texas Saves Him

Aidan Jackson was playing a game online in England with a friend from the United States. He had no idea this friend would end up saving his life.

Jackson was playing with 20-year-old Dia Lathora from Texas, and Lathora alerted police in the U.K. when she realized that something went wrong with her friend on the other line.

As it turns out, Jackson had a seizure. He was in his room playing the game with his parents downstairs. His parents had no idea that anything happened until two police cars showed up at the house. Police told Jackson's parents that they had received a call from the U.S. regarding an unresponsive male at their address.

When they rushed upstairs, they found their son "Extremely disoriented."

Lathora knew Jackson's address, but did not have his family's phone number so she did what she could to get him help. She says she could hear Jackson seizing, breathing really hard, and it sounded like he was choking and crying.

Jackson is doing a lot better now because of Lathora calling the police and Jackson's parents are extremely thankful for what Lathora did.

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