Dustin Lynch's Dad Was His First Roadie

Dustin Lynch released his new album Tullahoma today (January 17). To celebrate the release of his album, plus his years of success, The Bobby Bones Show brought on Lynch along with his parents to hear untold stories of Lynch's childhood.

On Tullahoma, Lynch has a collaboration with country artist Lauren Alaina called "Thinkin 'Bout You." Lynch shared that he's always wanted to do a duet if the right song came along. He was writing this song when he realized it could be a duet, and didn't think of anyone else but Alaina. Lynch and Alaina were tour-mates and on the road they would sing Lynch's song "Love Me and Leave Me Alone" together and he always loved the sound of their voices together. When this song was recorded, Alaina was performing on Dancing With The Stars, so her vocal for the record was recored in her hotel room in Los Angeles, and not in the studio with Lynch.

The song "Workin' On You" on the album has a special meaning to Lynch as recently passed and beloved songwriter Busbee was a writer on it. It was a song that Lynch kept in his back pocket for the last few years. He remembered the last song Busbee and he wrote together was on May 6th.

Lynch's parents Patty and Chuck opened up about life with him growing up and wanting to be an artist. When Lynch was around 8-years-old he wanted to be a super hero, and it was until college that Lynch set his sites on a music career. Growing up, Lynch kept busy with playing golf and working on a golf course, so they confessed they didn't have many issues with Lynch getting in trouble. On top of that, Lynch was a straight A student, but he did receive a C in one class...vocal music. His parents thought that Lynch would end up doing something in the medical field. However, it didn't stop them from being supportive of Lynch's music career. Chuck was actually Lynch's first roadie. He would go out with Lynch on the road and do anything he needed to do to help his son.

Patty and Chuck shared their favorite songs of Lynch's which were noted by both of them "Love Me Or Leave Me," "Cowboys and Angels," "Daddy's Boots," and "She Wants A Cowboy." They also shared that when Lynch is recording new music, they will hear pieces of some of the songs and offer advice, but sometimes the feedback doesn't take with Lynch.

The Bobby Bones Show couldn't get enough of Patty and Chuck. The two shared that they were high school sweethearts and would be together 40 years this year on September 6th, 2020. Patty loves to sew and makes a lot of her own clothes, plus she even handmade her and her daughter's wedding gowns. Chuck races cars and often is at a race every weekend, and his car is appropriately named 'Reba' after Reba McEntire and it's bright red exterior.

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