Binge-Free Brain Part 5 - "Overfed Yet Undernourished": Why Your Brain Crav

OUTWEIGH: Amy and Leanne are back for our final episode of this series where they dive deep into the science of (what feels like) food 'addiction' within your own brain. They'll explore the role of the ACC, your "social brain," and its powerful need for oxytocin, the love and connection hormone. Learn why your brain might crave sugar, Netflix, or other "drugs" when it's really seeking deeper connection. This episode dismantles the myth of willpower and exposes the emotional root of your struggles. Discover how to replace the "fake connection" with genuine connection and emotional support, leading you towards lasting change and true nourishment for your soul.


Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

Leanne Ellington // // @leanneellington

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