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Brooke Taylor

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Lana Scott - Marriage, Debut Album, Mental Health, The Voice + How She Fell In Love with Music

Danae Hays - Country comedy song 'Rode Hard + Growing up in Alabama + Tim McGraw and so much more.

Danae Hays (@Danae.Hays) sits down with Brooke Taylor for a conversation about life! They remenisce on growing up in a simpler world and why you shouldn't give into A.I. (artificial intelligence). Danae also opens up about meeting Tim McGraw and the viral video of it happening at his album release party. She also chats about her country comedy songs, including Rode Hard, who we can expect to hear collabortations from in the near future and so much more.

Grab a drink, let's go backstage!

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Ryan Griffin - New EP Phases, Faith & Family

Join Brooke Taylor (@Brookeradio) and Ryan Griffin (@RyanGriffinLive) on this episode to hear all of the details of his new EP Phases. Ryan explains the point in his career where music became fun again, the joy his family brings to him and sacrifices he's had to make along the way. Grab a drink, let's go Backstage.

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Logan Crosby - New EP "23 Days in L.A.", Claim To Fame, Tour with Megan Moroney, Tik Tok and Diet Coke

Join Brooke Taylor (@Brookeradio) and Logan Crosby (@RealLoganCrosby) as they dive into his career and what a wild ride it's been. He talks about his new EP 23 Days in L.A., his time on the show Claim to Fame, how Tik Tok has changed his life and being on tour with Megan Moroney. Grab a drink! Let's go Backstage.

Neon Union - New EP, How They Met and Exciting Things Coming This Year

Join Brooke Taylor (@Brookeradio) and Neon Union (@NeonUnionMusic) as they chat about their new EP Double Wide Castle Sessions. Andrew and Leo tell the story of how they met and how much they enjoy being a duo and some pretty exciting things in the works for the rest of this year. Grab a drink! Let's go Backstage.

Ashley Cooke - Releasing Debut Album, TikTok, Headlining Tour and more.

Join Brooke Taylor (@Brookeradio) and Ashley Cooke (@TheAshleyCooke) as they chat about Ashley's debut album Shot in the Dark which consists of 24 songs and is available everywhere July 21, 2023. They'll touch on Ashley's story, opening up for Luke Bryan, going on her first headlining tour and more. Grab a drink! Let's go Backstage.

Chase Matthew - TikTok Fame, New Music, Disappointing Family and A Dream That Changed His Life

Join Brooke Taylor (@Brookeradio) and Chase Matthew (@IamChaseMatthew) as they dive into personal details about his life. Chase opens up about his family in ministry and how music wasn't what they had hoped for his life. They cover new music, Chase's faith, and a dream he's never really told the public.. and how it changed his life. Grab a drink! Let's go Backstage.

Anne Wilson - From Christian to Country Music, Her Faith Journey and More

Join Brooke Taylor (@Brookeradio) and Anne Wilson (@AnneWilsonMusic) as they talk about her new song Seventh of June.. and the story of losing her brother Jacob and how that actually has helped shape her career. They also talk about transitioning from Christian to Country music and what that looks like.. her favorite country artist and more. Grab a drink! Let's go Backstage.

Hannah Ellis - Chasing A Dream, Wine Country, Faith, Marriage and More.

Join Brooke Taylor (@Brookeradio) and Hannah Ellis (@HannahGreyEllis) as they dive into the story on how Hannah almost gave up on college to pursue her passion of music. They dive into Hannah's faith journey, how she met her Husband and so much more. Grab a drink! Let's go Backstage.

Bailey Peyton (@TheBaileyP) - Meeting Her Husband, Motherhood and Loving Your Body

Join Brooke Taylor (@Brookeradio) and Bailey Scaman (@TheBaileyP) as they talk through the ups and downs of motherhood, loving your body and how Bailey met her sweet husband Sam.